Ethics in the Workplace

Ethics in the Workplace

Organisations need to be vigilant about what unethical behaviour is likely, and how to resolve any issues that arise.

  • Theft social networking misuse ‘dodgy’ expense claims
  • Bribery Taking a ‘sickie’ On-line pornography Damaged Reputation
  • Abuse of company systems Fraud Drinking Prosecution
  • On-line gambling Corruption Employee Morale

Our 1 day in-house workshop is designed to educate directors, managers and employees at all levels, laying a foundation for a culture which will support the embedding of ethical decision making.

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Consequences of ignoring ethical issues

  • Staff morale dented
  • Higher employee turnover
  • Inconsistent behaviour
  • Lost sales
  • Irreparable damage to company reputation
  • Reduced profitability
  • Ultimate demise

Benefits of good ethical practices:

  • High morale
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Consistent behaviour
  • Repeat sales
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Fair margins achieved
  • Employer of choice

“Real examples were thought provoking – changed my point of view”

Company Secretary

“The model will be very useful and gives us structure”

Logistics Manager

“A great workshop and enjoyed the open discussion”

Production Manager

“Awareness of far reaching, knock-on effect of ethical decisions”

Distributor & Commercial Manager