Team Coaching

We appreciate it is not always possible, practical or justifiable for an organisation to embark on large scale 1:1 individual coaching programmes.

The development of high performing teams is an essential differentiator for any organisation in globally competitive markets. All teams are different and even for an established team the context will differ for each project.

On an ongoing basis, and at any level, groups, teams or units exist or are being formed in an organisation. We have found team development requires a combination of generic and bespoke adaptation, to meet an organisation’s needs.

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Potential focus areas for team coaching:

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Styles of relating to team members and others
  • Bringing a group together by focusing on shared purpose
  • Planning change
  • Conflict and hostility
  • Getting to grips with the realities of the business environment

The Group would like to you thank you very much for your guidance and support throughout this process. Your input has been invaluable in ensuring we remain motivated and on track. We all feel that we’ve achieved a great deal in spite of our different backgrounds, experiences and work constraints – this is in no small part due to your professionalism and thorough knowledge of coaching and facilitation methods.

Employee Group, European Financial Services Organisation

We have worked with many organisations implementing a variety of team development initiatives.

These workshops include:

  • Managing and Motivating
  • Project Coaching
  • High Performing Teams
  • Maximising Cultural Diversity in Teams
  • Developing a Strengths Based Organisation
  • Ethics in the Workplace

The length of delivery can be anything from a one hour talk to a half, one or two day workshop – to meet your needs.