Succeeding with Teams in a Global Recovery

Menu based in-house workshop – Half or Full DayTough Times
These are economically and politically unstable, uncertain and difficult times. Conditions that force restructuring, redundancies and a need to deliver more for less.

To succeed, organisations need, more than ever, to motivate, develop and retain their staff. Yet, financial constraints may limit options for developing individuals. So to assist organisations and in addition to our 1:1 and pairs work, we offer:

A ½ or 1 day menu based in-house workshop where you choose which issue/s you most need addressing (these can be from the list below or of your own choosing):

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How do i…

… nurture and develop individuals in the team when budgets are constrained?

address conflicts that occur between team members?

continue to deliver when the context is shifting, priorities are changing and new issues are emerging?

… encourage greater levels of trust to reduce withholding of contribution between team members?

… gain confidence of which leadership style I need to use – and when?

… keep the team motivated when there is low morale through redundancies?

… identify, encourage and maximise the differing strengths of individuals so that the team performs at its best?

… get different personalities to work better together?

… quickly integrate new members into the team?

… address self limiting beliefs within the team which are impacting negatively?

… keep the team on track while the company is restructuring?

… ensure the project delivers the required benefits?

… get all team members to pull their weight’?

… encourage collaborative behaviours within the team?

motivate and reward the team?

… get everyone to ‘buy in’ to the direction we are going in?

… keep my stakeholders happy?

… ensure face to face and teleconference meetings deliver?

… manage cultural differences in the team?

develop my personal qualities, so that my character and judgement are trusted?

“The advantage is you get what you need, many individuals are developed for a shared cost and for any organisation this represents Value for Money.”


• Increased engagement levels

• Better team relationships

• Lower development cost, per head

• Issues specific to today’s climate are improved

• Bespoke programme at an affordable cost

• Potential is unleashed to deliver the company’s strategic goals