On Demand / Ad Hoc / Emergency Coaching

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to call it on demand, ad hoc or emergency coaching!

When you need it, we provide telephone coaching at short notice for those times when you need a professional sounding board for situations that just can’t wait:

  • A crisis at work
  • Staff difficulties
  • An important interview
  • A key meeting
  • Presenting your ideas
Find Out More

We have developed a simple yet powerful approach to getting the benefits out of telephone coaching. 

In order to encourage entrepreneurs and rising professionals to find out for themselves the benefit of this service, we offer an attractive and flexible package which we will be happy to discuss with you when you call.

Benefits clients have reported include:

  • Significantly increased focus and job satisfaction
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Reduced ‘wasted’ time
  • Improved decision making
  • Less hassle and stress
  • Interviews and sought after jobs secured
  • Increased sales and revenues