David Miskimin

Who is the Directors Coach?

David is an accredited coach, consultant and trainer with extensive coaching experience of working at CEO/Senior Executive level across a wide range of industries, both in the UK and internationally.


Ethics in the Workplace

Of all the topics I encounter in my work, the range of moral dilemmas clients have to contend with never ceases to amaze me. Some individuals may wonder, isn’t the scope of ethics limited mostly to bribery?

I have heard some client argue ‘thankfully, they are not a banker, politician or newspaper’. The fact is, lack of ethical awareness at any level can rapidly damage an organisations image, impact sales and lead to irrecoverable damage regardless of current good reputation.


7 Tips for Personal Impact & Effectiveness

If you knew the impact you were having on others, that would be great wouldn’t it? In business what might you change and how might your outcomes be affected?

Personal impact is about the ease with which we achieve our results. It includes the experience that other parties have with us.


Stakeholder Management

Written by David Miskimin, Stakeholder Management’ is a widely used, yet not fully understand description for analysing, assessing and taking action with different groups that have an interest in what you do.

This work is designed as a practical ‘coffee time read for the price of a coffee’.

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The Coaching Parent

Co-authored by David Miskimin, this book combines his coaching experiences from corporate life and parenting.

This book provides all the tools and motivation you need to make the best use of the coaching opportunities that arise in your daily interactions with your child.

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The Coaching Parent – Companion

Helping Your Child Achieve Even More Happiness and Success, the companion to ‘The Coaching Parent’ is here!

You are accelerating a journey revealing how others successfully connect with children in order to release their potential. What will it be like knowing how others perform and what they experienced?

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