Seminars & In-house Workshops

All seminars/workshops can be delivered from a one hour talk to a half, one or two day workshop (unless otherwise stated), off site/on site, or at a venue of your choosing. Some events may require prior assessments.

We can deliver seminars and in-house workshops on a range of topics, prepared to meet the agreed objectives.

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High Performing Teams

All teams are different, with different individual personalities and strengths – do you know how to reduce interference and leverage success with your team?

Who should attend?
Any teams who want to gain a better understanding of each other’s contribution and how top teams succeed.

Benefits of Attending
Delegates gain clarity over why conflicts occur, along with a greater understanding of how individual and team personalities and strengths can be identified and deployed more resourcefully.

Developing a Strengths Based Organisation

Are you getting the best out of your people?  How clear are you on what strengths energise individuals?

Who should attend?
For those who want to increase engagement and energy levels within the organisation.

Benefits of Attending
Delegates will gain a positive understanding about what energises them and, crucially, will understand the performance risks associated with strengths.  Research shows the organisation bottom line is positively impacted through increased staff motivation and greater engagement levels.

Ethics in the Workplace

You may not be a banker, politician or newspaper – but did you realise, lack of ethical awareness at any level can damage your organisations image, impact sales and lead to irrecoverable damage? This workshop assists in analysing the organisation’s current position while laying a foundation for a culture to support the embedding of ethical decision-making.

Who should attend?
This workshop is designed to educate directors, managers and employees at all levels.

Benefits of Attending

Greater clarity over understanding own and others moral values.  Gaining an awareness of the organisation’s ethical and leadership values, and the associated areas of conflict between individuals, the organisation and its stakeholders.  Practice in the use of a model for resolving ethical issues, using real examples.  Consideration of gaps and critical areas for future attention

Project Coaching

Projects are formed for a defined purpose and duration.  Each project will produce a different team with different strengths, weaknesses and personalities.  How confident are you that your project members will deliver within the timescale, to quality and budget?

Who should attend?
Those who lead projects and project team members.

Benefits of Attending
Project Coaching produces an increased focus towards team and outcome success, that benefits all participants through Improved Quality, Greater Productivity and Increased Team Respect.

Meetings That Deliver

Do you attend too many ineffective meetings?  Are you frustrated with how meetings are run, or lack of contribution from attendees?

Who should attend?
For those who lead meetings.

Benefits of Attending
The workshop examines what works and what doesn’t in face to face and tele-conference meetings.  Delegates will gain skills and clarity on how to run effective meetings, that deliver.

Maximising Cultural Diversity in Teams

To what extent is cultural diversity negatively impacting on team performance?

Who should attend?
A highly interactive workshop for those who work in a cross-cultural environment.

Benefits of Attending
The workshop delivers greater understanding of cultural diversity and its impact on performance.  Delegates will gain first hand understanding of their own, and colleagues, key strengths as a means to enhance team performance.

Strategic and Scenario Planning 

(2 x one day with interval in between)

How confident are you of achieving the organisation’s targets?  Is the link between the business plan and your function unclear?

Who should attend?
For those who share responsibility to implement the organisation’s goals.

Benefits of Attending
The workshop will deliver a high level strategic plan, improved clarity and accountability for the strategic plan, greater momentum through focusing on agreed targets, increased likelihood of delivering key business targets

Managing and Motivating

‘Only when we master our own motivation, can we truly begin to motivate others with integrity’.  How clear are you on sources of motivation?

Who should attend? 
Newly appointed or more experienced managers or leaders.  Those with staff responsibility who wish to understand what enables or limits their own performance and that of others.

Benefits of Attending
Delegates will gain understanding of types of motivation, the role of failure and how to create and sustain momentum.  Appreciate the effect of learning styles on understanding and staff performance.   Learn why communicating and influencing with integrity, are vital skills.